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First Aid Supplies Ireland
First Aid Products & Supplies Ireland
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First Aid Supplies now supply HeartSavePad defibrillators and trainers
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First Aid Kits Ireland
First Aid Kits
First Aid Publications Ireland
First Aid Publications
Elasticated Cold Bandages, Ireland
Elasticated Cold Bandage
First Aid Kits & Cabinets, Ireland
First Aid Kits & Cabinets
Waterproof Plasters, Ireland
Waterproof Plasters
Wound Cleaning Products, Ireland
Wound Cleaning Products
Burn Care Products, Ireland
Burn Care Products
First Aid Instruments Ireland
Outdoor Complaints Products
Outdoor Complaints Products
Latest Products:
With over 350 lines, the product range offers the widest choice of quality products with well-known and trusted brand names such as:
Water Jel burns treatments
Articare Ice Packs
First Aid Supplies® Kits
Deep Heat
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We have 4 sales representatives working nationwide.
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All products meet the Irish Medicines Board requirements.
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Wound Cleaning
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All products meet the Irish Medicines Board requirements.
All pricing excluding VAT
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